Benefit From What TPMI Doctors Are Saying

I joined TPMI the early part of 2010 on the advise of a couple of great friends. We had been part of the same practice management seminar group for close to 20 years. They started sharing their numbers with me and it was evident that they, as well as some of my other friends who were also clients of TPMI, were seeing some great growth in their practices. Just as important, they were having fun in practice and for the first time in 20 plus years in practice they were giving weekly spinal care classes. I had to find out about this Dr. Radermacher and how he could have such a profound influence on several of my friends. My practice is in Southern California. I joined TPMI near the end of a 3-year stint with ASHP. I had been averaging nearly 70 new patients per month and my PVA was about 20. I was very busy with new patients even with 2 associates. My collections were off and the doctors and staff were not enjoying the huge paper push. Worse than that I was not having fun in practice and, due to the economy slowing, I was feeling a bit unsure of the future. My first introduction to TPMI required lots of statistical information. I kept stats for 20 years in practice so this wasn’t new to me. The TPMI spreadsheets and stats I keep now allow me to understand intricate parts of the practice I had never thought of. The stats are great! I feel like I have a handle on what to do to improve the overall office. Two examples are: how many maintenance visits do you really have weekly, monthly and what percent of your new patients are attending their spinal care class? My last phone consultation the first of this year shows my practice has grown significantly in visits, PVA, collections and the number of patients attending their spinal care class. I have less missed and rescheduled patients. Maybe more important than the numbers, is that with the communication tools I now have I really feel like I am in control of the practice and my future. The professional and clerical staff understands that we are here to help patients get the care that they choose. All the pressure is on the patients, not on us! The last great frontier in chiropractic is communication! When you get that figured out and are taught the tools of communication, you have the best chance for success. It has worked for me and for several of my friends who have been great chiropractors for over 20 years. Now with TPMI we are better chiropractors and again are enjoying being in the office helping people every day.
Dr. Scott Cadman
Fontana, CA

I have been a chiropractor for 27 years and have seen many changes in our profession. I have also been involved in several practice management groups over the years because I have always felt that reinventing the wheel is wasteful. Each practice management group brought me to a new level but I never felt that I had reached my full potential. I would get frustrated and unhappy with my office, staff and even myself. And, being concerned with what was possibly coming along with our profession and insurance reimbursement, I was starting to wonder if it was time to retire. I was introduced to Dr. Radermacher and TPMI via 2 chiropractors who I have known and respected for many years. In fact, they were also in the same practice management group I was in. I discovered that the TPMI method was very different than any other practice management style. Gone was the push and pressure to continually strive to get new patients. This program emphasized educating patients to understand the value of health, to accept responsibility for their pain and problem and to take the responsibility for the patient’s health away from me. It was very freeing. My practice is busier, more fun and less stressful. My staff is happier, too. I would highly recommend TPMI to any chiropractor who wants to excel and to truly provide health care to our society.
Dr. Carol Grant
Milldale, CT

I didn’t want to quit chiropractic, but I couldn’t continue the direction I was going. I was not paying my debts, I was cutting back on staff and I was spending more time at the office, including Saturdays, to squeeze every visit I could. “Stressed out” was putting it mildly. I was barely making the rent, taxes and payroll while frequently skipping my own paychecks. This sucked. Meanwhile, a friend of mine was having a great time in practice – seeing a lot of people, making money and taking his family on something called a “vacation”. I thought that kind of practice only existed in a dream world. It was driving me mad that my friend was doing so well during the recession and I was swirling around the toilet about to go under. Wasn’t he a chiropractor just like me? Don’t we practice the same technique? What was the difference? Fortunately, he was gracious enough to spend some time with me on the phone talking about the ideas of his new practice management company. After several conversations with him, I just had to talk to Dr. Radermacher at TPMI myself. He, too, was gracious enough to talk to me several times before I even joined the program. Dr. Radermacher didn’t know this, but I joined TPMI on my last hope. I joined while still under contract with another management company that was all about “New Patients! New Patients! New Patients!” (By the way, I asked repeatedly to be let out of the other contract, but I was denied repeatedly. So, during my first 9 months with TPMI I was paying for both. I felt it was that important!) I guess I could try to convince you how great TPMI is, but I’d rather let my numbers do the talking: at the end of 2012, my collection was $68,000 ahead of the previous year – by far my best year in my 10 years of solo practice. That’s great but at the same time I cut out all Saturday hours and began to close at noon on Friday. I took my family to Disney World and had out of town weekends with my wife. The stress level in the office was way down thanks to TPMI’s 5-minute ROF (seriously – 5 minutes!). Now it’s not unusual to schedule 3 ROF’s back-to-back-to-back in 30 minutes time without the staff scared I’ll get behind. My retention is up. My maintenance patients are up. My advertising costs are down. In spite of all those success points, I believe the most impactful concept I learned from TPMI is that the patient is responsible for his or her own health. They are responsible for showing up, getting the care they need and paying for that care. I am not God. I don’t get to decide who gets better and who doesn’t. All we can do is try our hardest and accept the outcome. The stress I was bearing trying to heal a patient with my magic powers was lifted off my shoulders and placed on the patients’ shoulders as personal responsibility. Deep, huh? I can’t urge you enough to consider TPMI for practice management. There aren’t volumes of scripts to memorize. There is very little advertising. The seminars are short and to the point – not hyped. And, the weekly phone consultations will be invaluable to you. As the saying goes: “There’s no time like the present.” Call them today!
Jonathan Goff, DC
San Antonio, TX



I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Radermacher since 2003 and, most recently, sought his advice and guidance on some organization and practice growth. Running a strictly structural rehab office demands a healthy retention so that patients reach their desired outcomes of spinal changes on post X-ray. Our retention told me that we were not providing this care that was vital to their longevity. In the past 5 months after seeking Dr. Radermacher’s guidance, we have almost doubled every aspect of our office and now see more patients not only reach their post X-ray, but a second with some who need it…on their way for a third. TPMI’s instrumental approach to patient communication, office systems and organization with constant feedback of office trends through an unparalleled and comprehensive evaluation of practice numbers broadcasts a valid and defendable direction that every practice vitally needs. I would highly recommend TPMI and Dr. Radermacher to the discerning doctor.
Dr. Todd Wendell
Elko, NV

My name is Dr. Chris Connaughty. I've been a chiropractor in Old Saybrook, CT for 25 years. After 20 years of successful practice, I was feeling frustrated by my inability to change my practice in a meaningful way. I knew patients really didn't understand chiropractic and why they were coming in for care, but I was at a loss as to how to change that. The era of plentiful new patients and low or no-copay was gone. Therefore, doing what I had always done in the past was no longer working! Essentially, I was spinning my wheels. No, actually, my practice was gradually losing ground. Then I heard Dr. Radermacher of TPMI speak. He spoke of a vision of an office that really resonated with me. This office vision was full of chiropractic patients who understood and valued the importance of chiropractic care. These patients happily made all their appointments at the appointed times. An office with an 18-20 patient hour work week. Patients who gladly pay for the care out of pocket, if necessary, and refer lots of others into the office. A lead doctor was required to perform at his/her best during those abbreviated hours. He spoke of driving a healthy practice forward through good communication skills. Since I have been with TPMI I communicate with patients in a very different manner than I did before. Information is brief and customized. No scripts. My staff and I no longer talk to patients about the weather or the latest sporting event. We talk about the patients, their problems, how those problems are affecting their life activities and what it is going to take to resolve them. I have learned so much about communication from Dr. Radermacher. Great communication is a lifetime pursuit and I look forward to the next five years with TPMI and seeing how much more I can grow personally and professionally.
Dr. Chris Connaughty
Old Saybrook, CT

Each day is an opportunity to be as efficient and productive as possible in our goals to help people with their health. I can only say that our efforts would have been so much better if we had joined TPMI sooner. Seven years now of working at improving our skills has helped in our organization, our communication and keeping us focused on how to help people as much as possible. Every aspect of TPMI is well thought out, unique and customized to how each of us chooses to practice. It really is about success with balance. It is practice management that uplifts us in why we are unique as chiropractors and that this uniqueness needs to be communicated consistently for the sake of each person’s opportunity for health who comes to our clinics.
Dr. Avery Martin
Mt. Vernon, WA



I have been working with Dr. Radermacher for approximately 3 and one half months. Prior to signing up with him, I had been in private practice for over 31 years. During that time I had spent perhaps 2 years, twice, employing practice managers. While both of those parties gave me some excellent information, I would not say that either provided me with the type of impact that I needed to weather the difficulties that I have encountered in the past 10 years. At the time I signed up with Dr. Radermacher, I was working 2 very slow offices that I owned, in 2 adjacent counties; one that I had owned for over 31 years, the other for 3. In addition, I was also working, part-time, for a friend, in his much busier practice. For the better part of the last 7 years, my own income had fallen fairly dramatically; during that same period, I had done far more to market my services than ever before. Included in these efforts were giving talks at local libraries and food coops, participating in health fairs, and working weekly on Saturday mornings at a farmer's market each summer for at least 3 months. I know that my skills as a chiropractor had only improved during those years…my communication skills had also, where I had no difficulty speaking to one person or forty, and did so regularly. However, with the slowing of my business, my confidence had definitely taken a major hit, as had my health. While I had taken some excellent steps to improve my physical health, I had not succeeded at all in improving my financial or practice health. Where before I had never considered fully retiring, the overhead costs that I continued to endure day in and day out definitely gave me cause to consider that option more often than I liked. One of my first, and most important, questions for Dr. Radermacher (posed during one of several sessions I spent speaking with him before I made the financial commitment to work with him) was: did he think that I could turn this practice and financial decline around and how long would it take. His response was pretty insightful: he had success in very similar circumstances, AND, it depended on first, if I were willing to change, especially my communication skills, and secondly, how much effort I would put forth to do so. I would love at this point to give a sterling and dramatic testimony that I now own the Hilton Hotel chain with the stunning success that I have experienced, which I unfortunately do not. However, there are days when I feel so positive about the efforts that I have already made and the changes that I have seen that I feel almost that good about my future. My practice volume has significantly increased in that time. And there are still times when I fall into old habits, repeat old mistakes, and know that while change is rapidly taking place, there is still work to do, and especially focus to maintain. Dr. Radermacher teaches with incredible skill and insight about the tendencies we have as chiropractors to take on our patients' responsibilities for their health. Especially the use of 'I' and 'we', instead of "you have a problem with your spine, and here are your choices for your care". I had done that for decades, almost subconsciously, and it had taken a toll both on my practice and my health. Dr. Radermacher calls that "donning those shoulder pads of un-warranted responsibility", and believe me I had done so and at times it was difficult to breathe, let alone move and enjoy being alive while walking around under that incredible psychological weight. While such habits are difficult to change, I have already experienced a tremendous surge in my own energy, and some days feel at least a decade younger as a result of carefully communicating to and placing the responsibility on the shoulders of those seeking my help. Dr. Radermacher has distilled his wisdom into a very straightforward approach to running a chiropractic office. Although it seemed simple at first, as I have utilized it, I have realized that there is a tremendous depth to this process, and when applied, the results are startlingly effective. More importantly, he has an incredible skill to communicate it one on one with me; patience to continue to help me fully implement it; and an incredible sense of humor that allows that unfolding process to be a lot of fun. In explaining what I have been experiencing with Dr. Radermacher to a close friend and chiropractic colleague, I put it this way: with the skills and abilities that I have gathered over the last 3-plus decades, what I had been missing in practice was really enjoying what I do. I innately had known that for a number of years, that something very vital was missing from my professional experience - fun. I was walking in to my office each day weighed down with a sense of time wasted, of not fulfilling my own potential. I have and have had the right skills at the right time to having an incredibly positive impact on the health of my community, while having a blast doing so. I did not have the opportunity to have started working with Dr. Radermacher 30 years ago and that is water under the bridge. But I certainly have the opportunity now, and that is more than worth the monetary investment I expend each week with him. In choosing to do so a few months ago, I chose to look at it as an excellent investment to make in myself. And I do not regret having done so for one moment.
Dr. Jay Goodwin
Arlington, WI

“When I first heard of TPMI, I thought it was just another practice management group that would try to increase my patient visits by encouraging more new patients and more retention.  But I quickly learned I was wrong.  Within the first 4 months, working with Dr. Radermacher put fun and excitement back into my practice life (not to mention a 200+ weekly patient visit increase) that I thought was long gone after 22 years in practice. I strongly believe that this personal, customized, on-on-one coaching has been a key factor in providing us with maximum, quick and lasting results.  I realize now that we were not educating and communicating with patients as effectively as we could have been. Even though we have a long way to go before mastering these new skills, we have already seen tremendous impact with substantial patient visit growth and follow-through as well as a huge improvement in our professional satisfaction. And this has all been done without an increase in new patients. The TPMI system has shown us how to engage and teach patients in ways that have never before been attempted.”
Dr. Lynn Carnaroli
Norwich, CT

“In 1999, I was really struggling with my practice and my health. I was working long hours, including weekends, and thought that taking vacations would only hurt the patients. I tried to accommodate every patient’s needs, while actually giving away a great amount of my services. I was physically getting sick and mentally drained, and as my bills piled up, the stress level was out of control. I called and spoke with Dr. Radermacher, who made logical sense. After our conversation, I knew I had to do something to change. I hired him to help me, and he immediately implemented positive changes. One of those changes was reducing my office hours from 50+ to 22 hours per week. I also began collecting a fair fee from each patient—going from $17 to $40 collection per visit—all while taking vacations every six to seven weeks. Dr. Radermacher has even helped me in personal areas, such as physical training and ways to maintain a more positive attitude in life. The biggest thing that Dr. Radermacher has taught me is that I am the practice. If I am unhealthy, stressed, or not truly satisfied, my level of productivity and service to mankind suffers directly. I am now in my seventh year with TPMI, and Dr. Radermacher is still finding ways to challenge me to be a better chiropractor and person. At age 48, I feel renewed and ready for the challenges ahead.”
Dr. Jeffrey Buller
Rochester Hills, MI



“Dr. Radermacher has been of great service and guidance to me and my practice. TPMI has helped me become more efficient and productive in the office and have regular time off. I have been a client for many years and plan on continuing.”
Dr. Thomas Green
Lincoln, NE

“After 13 years in practice, I had reached the point of ‘Is this all there is?’ I was missing direction and focus in my clinic. This had also rolled over into my personal life. The fun was gone. Before TPMI: 50 hours per week, 23 patient office visits per day average, $21,000 per month collected, and STRESS! After TPMI: 20 hours per week, 60 patient office visits per day average, $43,000 per month collected, vacations every 6-8 weeks, and FUN! All successful businesses have a system, and TPMI’s is second to none. I have been a client for three years and will continue to be as long as I am in practice. Make the call!”
Dr. Rodney P. Witt
Nixa, MO

I joined TPMI 4 years ago. At the time I joined, my practice was what would be considered a successful practice in the industry. I felt, however, there was more to the story, that I had more to offer my patients, and that something was missing. Since joining TPMI, I have experienced year over year growth in all of the important categories in practice: record patient visits, collections, retention, and referrals. My practice has doubled or tripled in many of these areas while working fewer hours, advertising less, significantly less overhead, and a balanced work and home life. If you are interested in moving forward in practice while providing better care to more people, with less stress, and increased enjoyment, you should seriously consider TPMI.
Dr. Aaron Casey, Colchester, CT


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