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  • I teach that practice is a mirror image of your life. Balance is defined as paying enough attention to your stated priorities as required for you to be comfortable, satisfied and in control. Balance in your life and your practice is intertwined; and balance is mandatory for success.
  • I do not advocate pre-pay schemes.
  • Selling, coercion, intimidation or scare tactics do not belong in an honest presentation of patients’ options for addressing their problems and their needs.
  • I believe confrontation is an unnecessary stress in the doctor-patient relationship.
  • I advocate doctors implementing a 20- to 24-hour patient week with only staff putting in a full 40 hours. I stress efficiency and quality over quantity in chiropractic practice.
  • Office organization and patient communication are critical to practice success.
  • Hiring TPMI to assist you in organizing and developing your practice is not equivalent to joining a “chiropractic club” or a “pseudo-religion.” You need not endure any moral or ethical challenge to participate as a client.
  • As your consultant or coach, I will never make you perform childish or dangerous stunts. I refuse to force you to become anyone but an improved version of who you are.
  • I honor the diversity of my clients’ talents. I know the TPMI system is replicable, regardless an individual’s strengths or weaknesses. When clients draft their lists of goals, I realize it is my job to help them achieve their goals in their own way, in their own time frame, consistent with their individual talent, level of experience and desire.
  • My goal is to provide you with the skills you need and the office organization and communication you must have to succeed.
  • I contend that doctor-patient communication is the essence of chiropractic practice. Exceptional, natural communications coupled with chiropractic science and the confidence of a doctor rooted in chiropractic science builds on the individual doctor’s passion to help humanity.
  • I am committed to teaching and monitoring doctor-patient and staff-patient communications with our clients in innovative ways. I work with my clients one-on-one to learn how to deliver the chiropractic message to patients. Effective communication is always my client’s own content, in their own individual style, always in their comfort zone when delivered to the patients they serve. I know “scripting” and “parroting” the chiropractic “topic of the day” and “feeding patients with a fire hose” of chiropractic ideas are never successful. I also know that a practice built on “charisma communications” is not sustainable; therefore, I never teach
    nor encourage either method.
  • Chiropractic practice is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • I know good organization never built a practice, but I also know poor organization prevents many practices from succeeding. I am an expert in creating efficiency in both new and established practices.
  • It is my viewpoint that debt mutes creativity. Financial reasonableness eludes many, if not most, people; chiropractors are no exception. In fact, as often above-average income earners, chiropractors are able to create even more indebtedness than others of lesser means. I attempt to help you bring financial stability and reasonableness to your practice and your life. Many of my clients are completely out of debt. In other words, no loans or mortgages of any kind…and they are saving significant amounts of money on a weekly basis. Some of my long-standing clients are already financially independent.
  • I believe each human being must determine what is important to him or her. Once established, all people should then prioritize their needs. Your personal hierarchy of critical items is all that matters. Many clients have a list of 5-8 points: spiritual, mental and physical health, family, practice, and helping humanity, to name a few. These personal priorities help to define your goals. I believe you need to completely orient your life around your important points to achieve balance. Ultimately, balance contributes stability to your life and practice. Balance is a critical component of success.


For more information about TPMI and how we might worth together to help you help humanity, call us at 608-463-7474. I believe strongly that we should work together only if my philosophy matches your needs and expectations.



  • Total Practice Management International, LLC
  • Phone: 608-463-7474